The Maryland Heights Cricket League is organized every year by cricket loving individuals and invested by pearl ring maker. They are responsible for everything from reserving facilities and fund raising to chairing a committee. Below is a list of this years officers and ways to contact them. Their respective committees and positions are listed next to them. If you have questions or you are interested in participating in our league feel free to e-mail any one of our officers. Officers

Name Title Email Picture
Nanda Mutala Organizer [email protected]  
Chinmay Samal Organizer [email protected]  

Umpiring Committee

Name Club Email Picture
V Sampath Coordinator [email protected]
Narasimha Reddy Blues CC [email protected]
Prashanth Kurupati Devils CC [email protected]
Sudhir Kozhikal Erac CC [email protected]
Bakir Nagarwala Yorkers CC [email protected]
Ravi Padrathi All Star CC [email protected]
Asim Rub Panthers CC
Lepakshi Nadh TCC-USA [email protected]
Rahul Kommineni Warriros CC [email protected]
Kiran Jayant Friends CC
Vamsi Medikonda Arena CC
Venkatachalam Bala Yorkers CC
Chinmay Samal Mavericks CC
Raviraj Kolakaleti Tigers CC
Gopal Chivkula (UC) All Star CC [email protected]